Bloggers We Love

When you visit the home of Doreen from Hymns & Verses for the holidays you won’t miss her love for bringing natural textures from the outdoors in. It shouldn’t be a surprise as her love for decorating with natural elements is a constant inspiration on her blog throughout the year. 

For Thanksgiving, she combines elements from the farmland she’s surrounded by with store-bought basics to create inviting tablescapes and hearthscapes that are just as unique as they are classic. She does this with a tasteful eye and a goal of keeping things simple while enjoying the important things in life — time well spent with friends and family. This makes her one of the Bloggers We Love!

DIY Googly Gobbly Pine Cone Turkeys


As the days get colder and it starts getting darker earlier, easy craft projects are something that we are very thankful for. These super cute turkeys are a great project to do with your kids while you discuss all the things your family is thankful for.



  • Bindle & Brass cinnamon pine cones

  • scissors

  • low-temperature hot glue gun

  • googly eyes

  • felt - we chose several brown tones + yellow, orange, and magenta

  • paper for creating patterns


  • Use scrap paper to create patterns for your turkeys’ feathers, feet, heads, beaks, and wattles. Trace your kids’ hands to create the tail feather patterns, or you can also download free patterns from a great post, here.

  • Use the patterns to trim the felt pieces.

  • Glue the tail feathers together, then fashion and glue your turkey faces. Give them personality!

  • Glue the tail feathers and head pieces on your pine cones. And… Gobble, Gobble!